Portugal: Hosts and song titles for Festival Da Canção 2017 revealed

Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) announced the song titles for all 16 candidates and the hosts that will introduce this year’s Festival Da Canção to the Portuguese audience. This was revealed on a press conference held on February 2 in the venue itself, Coloseu dos Recreios.

1st Semifinal  (February 19th) – Hosted by Sónia Araújo and José Carlos Malato

  1. Márcia – «Agora» (Márcia)
  2. Golden Slumbers – «Para perto» (Samuel Úria)
  3. Fernando Daniel – «Poema a dois» (Nuno Feist)
  4. Deolinda Kinzimba – «O que vi nos meus sonhos» (Rita Redshoes)
  5. Rui Drumond – «O teu melhor» (Héber Marques)
  6. Lisa Garden – «Without you» (Pedro Saraiva)
  7. Salvador Sobral – «Amar pelos dois» (Luísa Sobral)
  8. Viva La Diva – «Nova glória» (Nuno Gonçalves)

2nd Semifinal (February 26th) – Hosted by  Tânia Ribas de Oliveira and Jorge Gabriel

  1. David Gomes – «My paradise» (Tóli César Machado)
  2. Lena D’agua – «Nunca me fui embora» (Pedro Silva Martins)
  3. Beatriz Felício – «Ao teu olhar» (Jorge Fernando)
  4. Pedro Gonçalves – «Don’t walk away» (João Pedro Coimbra)
  5. Helena Kendall – «Andamos no céu» (João Só)
  6. Celina da Piedade – «Primavera» (Celina da Piedade)
  7. Jorge Benvinda – «Gente Bestial» (Nuno Figueiredo)
  8. Inês Sousa – «TBA» (Noiserv)

The semi-final qualifiers will be chosen by combining the votes from an expert panel and the televises (distributed on seven different Portuguese regions including islands) on an equal rate (50/50). This will also determine the winner in the grand final which will be hosted by popular Portuguese TV presenters Sílvia Alberto and Catarina Furtado. All 3 shows will take place at Coliseum dos Recreios in Lisbon. The expert panel include the following names: Júlio Isidro, Ramon Galarza, Nuno Markl, Tozé Brito, Inês Lopes Gonçalves, Gabriela Schaaf, João Carlos Callixto, Inês Meneses and Dora.

Coliseu dos Recreios, venue of this year’s Festival Da Canção

Portugal will compete in the first semifinal of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev taking place at the International Exhibition Centre on the 9th of May.