Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2017, listen to the song!

San Marino has finally revealed who will be waving the microstate’s flag at Eurovision 2017. The duo formed by Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson will represent the smallest nation at the biggest European TV show, which will be held in Kyiv. This will be the fourth participation of Valentina at Eurovision, as she already represented her country three times.

«‘Passion, Music and Entertainment’. The same passion and the same fun, that you experience in a disco, which is the location where the video has been shot. This has been produced by Jupiter Records and the Dutch company EM Film Works and was directed by Ernest Meholli. The chosen location is the mythical and famous Club ‘P1’ in Munich.», describes RTVSM.

Listen to the song Spirit of the Night, composed by Ralph Siegel and lyrics by Steven Barnacle and Jutta Staudenmayer, below:

Valentina Monetta is back to Eurovision two years after bringing her country their first qualification for the Grand Final. Her first attempt came in 2012, when she represented San Marino with «The Social Network Song». A year later, she performed the song «Crisalide» in Sweden, but it wasn’t until 2014 when she made it through the semi-finals with the song «Maybe». This time she is back in a duet with Jimmie Wilson, who has already got his own history in the music world, starring main roles in ‘Sisterella’ by Michael Jackson and performing Barack Obama in the Musical ‘Hope’.

«The show will live of the voices and the scenic strength of the two artists – and on the will to sing, perform and enjoy to make music together. Thank you Vale, thank you Jimmie, thank you Ralph from us all at RTV and from all the San Marino people.», added the Sammarinese broadcaster.

San Marino has only qualified for the Eurovision Grand Final once, when Valentina Monetta reached the show at her third attempt. Last year, SMRTV selected the Turkish singer Serhat, but he didn’t manage to go through the semi-final with the dance version of his song »I Didn’t Know».