Timebelle wins Entscheidungsshow in Switzerland!

Switzerland has once more concluded their national selection process and now they have an act who will be reprinting them on the biggest music stage in the world: it is no other than Timebelle with the song «Apollo».

After an exciting national final tonight hosted by Swiss TV presenter Sven Epinay, which was preceded by internal auditions or «the live-check» as it has been called for the past few years, SRG SSR with the help of all regional broadcasters selected the following six acts competing at tonight’s final, (winner in bold):

  1. Nadya: «The Fire In The Sky»
  2. Ginta Biku: «Cet air là»
  3. Michèle: «Two Faces»
  4. Freschta: «Gold»
  5. Shana Pearson: «Exodus»
  6. Timebelle: «Apollo»

2014 Swiss Eurovision entrant Sebalter also performed at the show presenting his latest single «Weeping Willow».

What do you think about the choice in Switzerland? Will this act get to make it to the grand final on May 13th?

Stay tuned!

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