Sweden: Second chance show of Melodifestivalen tonight

We are one week away from the big final in Stockholm and tonight we will find out the last four finalists of Melodifestivalen 2017. The second chance show will take place tonight live from Linköping at 20:00 CET.

The opening act will be once again performed by the hosts, David Lindgren, Hasse Andersson and Clara Henry. After this, the first two duels will take place before a mini break, which will feature David Lindgren performing a short song about comments on social media. The show will continue with the other two duels and two interval acts, a parody of the 8 songs that are already in the final performed by Daniel Norberg, and a performance by Linda Pira and Dani M.

Below you can see tonight’s duels:

  1. FO&O – «I Gotta Thing About You» VS De Vet Du – «Road Trip»
  2. Axel Schylström – «När Ingen Ser» VS Lisa Ajax – «I Don’t Give A»
  3. Boris René – «Her Kiss» VS Dismissed – «Hearts Align»
  4. Anton Hagman – «Kiss You Goodbye» VS Loreen – «Statements»

The voting process this week will be different compared to the semi-finals, as the viewers will be able to vote for their favorite act from each duel while the two songs are being performed. When the second song is finished, the viewers will see a quick recap of the two songs and the voting lines will be closed close after a while. Then, the lines will open again for the second duel, so will they for the third and fourth ones following the same procedure. The winner of each duel will advance to the final in Stockholm, which will feature a total of twelve acts.

You can watch Andra Chansen (Second Chance) here and on our LIVE page.

Who are your favorites? Who do you think will make it to the final? Let us know in comments!