Spain: RTVE reveals running order for Objetivo Eurovision 2017

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has revealed in which order the artists will be performing at the national final next week. The final date for the show has not been confirmed yet, but several media are spreading that it will most likely take place either on Saturday or Sunday next week, 11th or 12th of February respectively. Jaime Cantizano has also been confirmed as the only host of the show, who will replace popular Spanish TV presenter Anne Igartiburu.

The running-order looks as it follows:

  1. Manel Navarro
  2. Leklein
  3. Paula Rojo
  4. Mario Jefferson
  5. Maika
  6. Mirela

This has been determined due to performance circumstances technically and the style of the entries to give the show more dynamism in order to appeal the audience. «We are focusing on giving a good show», RTVE revealed.

As Spanish online journal Bluper reveals, RTVE has asked the performers to keep their staging as simple as possible due to technical restrictions. The stage will be made up of two LED screens and two big walls which could show projections.

All 6 acts have rehearsals scheduled for next week, prior to the final, on Wednesday February 8th, when the artists will first step on the stage. Then, more general rehearsals will take place the next day, with the general dress rehearsal on Friday 10th of February.

Stay tuned for more details on the Spanish national final on ESC+Plus!

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