Spain: Expert panel will have the final say at Objetivo Eurovision in case of tie

Unlike previous years, for the first time in the history of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, the expert panel approached by Spanish Public Broadcaster RTVE, will have the final word on who will be representing the country in Kiev if two acts get the same amount of points in the end of the voting process tomorrow. This will be done by holding a second round at the end of the show.

This has been reported by several Spanish online journals prior the official announcement on, as well as the names of the expert panel who will make up 50% of the final outcome tomorrow along with the Spanish audience, having the remaining and equal ratio percentage (50%).

The three members of the jury are:

  • Xavi Martinez
  • Javier Cárdenas
  • Virginia Díaz

All three members are TV and radio professionals which have been conducting popular programs on the most well-known radio stations in the country, such as Los 40 Principales, Europa FM or even RTVE itself. During their careers, they have also got the chance to interview and get international and national names in the industry closer to the Spanish audience.

Manel Navarro, Mirela, Leklein, Maika, Mario Jefferson and Paula Rojo are the 6 names willing to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. All 6 acts have been rehearsing throughout the past days and immersed on promotion with several appearances on TV, radio and interviews with several media. Below you can watch our interview (in Spanish) with a few of them, who they also want to thank you for your support.

RTVE decided to show a sneak-peak of the stage for Objetivo Eurovision back on Wednesday on weekly program «Spain Calling», where it was also announced that Irene Mahía and Paloma G. Quirós will also be co-hosting the national final together with Jaime Cantizano.

Fans will also be able to send their vote via RTVE’s official Eurovision app for the first time. Voting time will start suddenly after all six songs have been performed. The audience can do this either by calling a +34 905 phone (with a cost of 1.20 euros + VAT from a landline phone and 1.65+ VAT from mobile phone) or sending an SMS (0.90 euros + VAT) and as we have already told you, via RTVE’s app.

According to Spanish media, the guest artists for the Spanish national final will be former representatives Barei (2016), Karina (1971) and David Civera (2001), as well as singers Roko and Edu Soto. The winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak has revealed today he was invited by RTVE, but he was approached so late that he couldn’t accept:

Objetivo Eurovision will take place on February 11 live from Madrid at 22:05 (CET) where the Spanish representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be selected, so stay tuned for more details!