Sanremo 2017 kicks off in Italy today

From today until Saturday, the 67th edition of the Italian music festival will be held every evening-night live from Sanremo’s Ariston Theatre. A total of 22 acts of the Campioni category will be competing at this year’s edition aimed to get the trophy and consequently have the chance to represent Italy at Eurovision 2017.

Remember that there are two categories at Sanremo, Campioni and Nuove Proposte (New Singers). Once again, the artist who wins the Campioni category of Sanremo 2017 will get the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year Stadio won this festival category, but their choice was not to present their song to the wider European audience in Stockholm due to touring commitments. Instead, the runner-up Francesca Michielin was chosen to perform at Eurovision with her song «No Degree Of Separation».

These are the first 11 artists taking the stage at today’s show:

  1. Al Bano – Di rose e di spine
  2. Alessio Bernabei – Nel mezzo di un applauso
  3. Clementino – Ragazzi fuori
  4. Elodie – Tutta colpa mia
  5. Ermal Meta – Vietato morire
  6. Fabrizio Moro – Portami via
  7. Fiorella Mannoia – Che sia benedetta
  8. Giusy Ferreri – Fa talmente male
  9. Lodovica Comello – Il cielo non mi basta
  10. Ron – L’ottava meraviglia
  11. Samuel Umberto Romano – Vedrai

This year the voting procedure will be different from previous editions. Today eight candidates will go through to the 4th show that will be held on Friday, while the remaining three acts will be given a second chance at the 3rd night show, something similar to the Swedish Andra Chansen. The 4th show will feature the sixteen qualifiers from the first two nights and the four winners of the second chance round. A total of sixteen candidates will compete at the Grand Finale set to take place on Saturday.

The qualifiers from today’s show will be decided by a mix of public vote and press experts.

Sanremo 2017 Calendar:

  • Serata 1 (Round 1): February 7th
  • Serata 2 (Round 2): February 8th
  • Serata 3 (Second Chance): February 9th
  • Serata 4 (Semi-Final): February 10th
  • Serata 5: FINALE – February 11th

Sanremo will be hosted once again by Carlo Conti, who, along with several professionals, was responsible for selecting the candidates that will compete in the Italian festival. This year, he will be accompanied by Maria De Filippi as co-host of all five shows.

You can watch the show live on RAI 1 at 20.30 CET:

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