Running order for Eurovision 2017 semi-finals revealed, check it out!

Today, the running order for the semi-finals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, scheduled to take place on May 9 and 11 from Kiev, has just been released on

The order of the places where each country will be ready to perform their entry in May will all be decided by the host broadcaster UA:PBC with EBU having the final approval, as it happened from 2013 when SVT decided to start off this procedure in order to avoid similar genres of songs being performed repeatedly.

The running order has been made up according to the Allocation Draw which was previously held in Kiev in January, where it was also decided which half of each of the semi-finals every country would be set to perform in.


  1. Sweden
  2. Georgia
  3. Australia
  4. Albania
  5. Belgium
  6. Montenegro
  7. Finland
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece
  11. Poland
  12. Moldova
  13. Iceland
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Cyprus
  16. Armenia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Latvia


  1. Serbia
  2. Austria
  3. Russia
  4. FYR Macedonia
  5. Malta
  6. Romania
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Hungary
  9. Denmark
  10. Ireland
  11. San Marino
  12. Croatia
  13. Norway
  14. Switzerland
  15. Belarus
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Lithuania
  18. Estonia
  19. Israel

For the grand final, organizers will release the running order for the 13th of May, minutes after the second semi-final qualifiers press conference, on early May 12th.

What do you think? Which countries will get benefited from this? Stay tuned for further details on the preparations for the contest coming up on May 9, 11 and 13, taking place at the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

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