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Martina Bárta to fly the Czech flag in Kiev?

Martina Bárta, lead vocalist of the German jazz band «4 To The Bar», will most likely be announced in the upcoming hours as the Czech representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. The announcement plus some more details were supposed to be official when the band published a post on their website but it may have been deleted for the moment.

The post still appears on Facebook as it shows that the big surprise has already been published!

Interpreta vám představíme společně s písní, na které v tuto chvíli pracujeme v londýnském nahrávacím studiu! Už se nemůžeme dočkat 😎

Geplaatst door Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic op dinsdag 14 februari 2017

The announcement comes as no surprise when a few days ago, Czech Head of Delegation confirmed that the singer representing the country would be announced no later than mid-February. As it looks like in the picture, the song is also about to be released to the public, being already confirmed that it will be performed in English language at Eurovision.

Otázky a odpovědi (2/3)

Druhá část videa, kde odpovídáme na vámi položené otázky. #ESC2017 Je vybraná píseň opět v angličtině? Dozvíte se ve videu!

Geplaatst door Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic op dinsdag 14 februari 2017

How excited are you on listening to this year’s Czech entry? Will they get to make it to the final after Gabriela Guncikova made it in Stockholm? Stay tuned!

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