Manel Navarro to represent Spain in Kiev with «Do It For Your Lover»

After months of preparations, two separate processes, the Spanish national broadcaster RTVE has come to an end with their national selection system for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and it will be Manel Navarro who will be waving the Spanish flag in Kiev with the song «Do It For Your Lover»!

The final outcome followed the same procedure to be calculated:  50% of the result came from the expert panel in the studio, made up by Xavi Martinez, Javier Cárdenas and Virgina Díaz, together with the Spanish audience having the remaining and equal ratio percentage (50%). The vote of the jury and the audience resulted in a draw between Manel Navarro and Mirela. The jury was to break the tie and its members decided that Manel Navarro was to be awarded the ticket to Kiev.

The six acts which competed for the title were:

  1. Manel Navarro – “Do It For Your Lover”
  2. Leklein – “Ouch!” 
  3. Paula Rojo – “Lo Que Nunca Fue” 
  4. Mario Jefferson – “Spin My Head”
  5. Maika – “Momento crítico”
  6. Mirela – “Contigo”

The guest artists for the Spanish national final were former Spanish representatives Barei (2016), Karina (1971) and David Civera (2001), as well as singers Roko and Edu Soto. The winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak revealed yesterday that he was invited by RTVE, but he was approached so late that he couldn’t accept the proposal to perform tonight.

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