Listen to the Macedonian entry Dance Alone

MRT have just revealed their song for Eurovision 2017. Jana Burčeska was expected to present it to the public during the broadcast of Stisni Play, hosted by the Macedonian head of press Aleksandra Jovanovska. However, the release has taken place on-line a few moments ago. 

Jana’s song has been selected out of more than 200 received songs from world-wide. «Dance Alone» has been written by Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Florence A. and Bobi-Leon Milanov from SYMPHONIX INTERNATIONAL, which is a well-known trademark brand, consist of composers, songwriters and music producers who have also worked to produce this year’s Serbian entry.

»We have received more than 200 songs among which great number of impressive music works. Yet, «Dance Alone» was stuck on our mind from the very beginning, since we have started the open call in November 2016. We felt it was the right song for Jana, expressing her emotions and temperament in the right way» – Meri Popova, HoD of Macedonia.

The video story for «Dance Alone» was developed and directed by Sergey Zhelezko, a young and talented Russian director currently working for »Nu Boyana Film Studios» in Sofia.

«It is very easy to work when the music is great and inspires you. Jana is amazing artist and we tried to make this video as animated as possible, so each time you see it, you will get the impression of watching a short movie» – said Sergey.

Listen to the song and watch the official music video below:

Jana will work with Ambra Succi, as choreographer and artistic director of her stage performance for Eurovision. Ambra has already worked as choreographer of Loreen in 2012 and Poli Genova in 2016. The Macedonian singer has also revealed she will promote her song at three Eurovision promotional events in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

What do you think about Jana Burčeska’s song for Eurovision? Let us know in comments!

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