Italy: Sanremo 2017 continues with night 3 today

The third show of the Italian music festival will be held today live from Sanremo’s Ariston Theatre. A total of 22 acts of the Campioni category are competing at this year’s edition of Sanremo aimed to get the trophy and consequently have the chance to represent Italy at Eurovision 2017.

Today’s show will see six acts compete for a chance to take part at tomorrow’s semi-final, but only four of them will go through joining the qualifiers from the first two nights. The 4th show will feature the sixteen qualifiers from the first two nights and the four winners of today’s second chance round. A total of sixteen candidates will compete at the Grand Finale, which will take place on Saturday.

The 3rd night of Sanremo will also feature the traditional cover competition as all sixteen qualifiers from previous nights will perform cover songs with the best one being given a special prize.

You can find the second chance acts below:

The 16 covers for today’s show are as follows:

  • Al Bano – Pregherò
  • Alessio Bernabei – Un giorno credi
  • Michele Bravi – La stagione dell’amore
  • Lodovica Comello – Le mille bolle blu
  • Gigi D’Alessio – L’immensità
  • Elodie – Quando finisce un amore
  • Francesco Gabbani – Susanna
  • Chiara Galiazzo – Diamante
  • Fiorella Mannoia – Sempre e per sempre
  • Marco Masini – Signor Tenente
  • Ermal Meta – Amara terra mia
  • Fabrizio Moro – La leva calcistica della classe ’68
  • Samuel – Ho difeso il mio amore
  • Sergio Sylvestre – La pelle nera
  • Paola Turci – Un’emozione da poco
  • Michele Zarrillo – Se tu non torni

Once again, a 50/50 mix of public vote and press experts will decide the qualifiers of today’s show.

Sanremo 2017 Calendar:

  • Serata 1 (Round 1): February 7th
  • Serata 2 (Round 2): February 8th
  • Serata 3 (Second Chance): February 9th
  • Serata 4 (Semi-Final): February 10th
  • Serata 5: FINALE – February 11th

Sanremo is hosted by Carlo Conti, who, along with several professionals, was responsible for selecting the candidates that will compete in the Italian festival. This year, he is accompanied by Maria De Filippi as co-host of all five shows.

You can watch the show live on RAI 1 at 20.30 CET: