Ireland releases song for Eurovision, listen to “Dying to Try”

RTE has released today the song Brendan Murray will perform at this year’s Eurovision. The young singer was selected internally by the broadcaster to wave the Irish flag in Kyiv. Brendan’s song is called «Dying To Try» and it has been co-written by Jörgen Elofsson, who has composed songs for very well-known artists .

Twenty-year-old Murray is managed by Louis Walsh, who was centrally involved in the panel to select this year’s song from over three hundred entries.

«I’ll be someone’s first Eurovision memory and I’m delighted to get the chance», Murray told RTÉ Entertainment. He said that they knew it was the right song the first time they heard it and laughed, «My Mom teared up when I showed it her, so that’s a good start.»

The song itself, Dying to Try, is a big sweeping ballad with that all-important keychange which Murray says is about «taking a leap of faith and putting your trust in someone else» and comes with one simple message: «There’s no guarantees that love will work but it’s always nice to try».

Brendan Murray on his Eurovision Entry

Brendan Murray gives us the lowdown on the ballad he'll be performing as Ireland's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. More at:

Geplaatst door Entertainment on RTÉ op vrijdag 10 maart 2017


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