Imri Ziv wins in Israel!

Israel has made a decision, Imri Ziv will fly the country’s flag at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 after winning «Hakochav Haba Le’Eyrovizion». The singer has got the support of both, jury and audience after two voting rounds including a superfinal.

In the first round, all four finalists performed cover songs singing in duels, from which the two winners went through to the second round or superfinal. The two winners were decided by the audience via App and a professional jury panel, the singer with the most «Yes» after the each duel advanced to the next phase. You can find the results of the first round below:

  • DUEL 1: Imri Ziv «Halo» (Beyonce) [78 %] – Beatbox Element «Hey mama» (David Guetta) [49 %]
  • DUEL 2: Julietta «My number one» (Helena Paparizou) [53 %] – Diana Golbi «Euphoria» (Loreen)[84 %]

After the duels, a wildcard was given to Julietta by the judges, so three artists competed at the superfinal. The superfinalists performed new cover songs and the winner was selected by the jury panel and the audience via App. The singer with most «Yes», was declared the Israeli representative at Eurovision 2017.

  • Julietta – Shikorim me’ahava (Eden Ben-Zaken) [58 %]
  • Imri Ziv – Because of you (Kelly Clarkson) [74 %]
  • Diana Golbi – Purple rain (Prince) [ 67%]

The jury panel for today’s final was made up of Harel Skaat, Keren Peles, Asaf Amdurski and Static & Ben-El Tavori. However, in this show, they will had less power than in previous phases.

This year, the show only selected the performer, as the song will be chosen internally by an expert committee and presented at a later date.