First A Dal finalists decided in Hungary

The first out of two semi-finals is over and the Hungarian public have chosen the first 4 finalists that will compete for the ticket to Kyiv next week. The final of A Dal will take place next Saturday, on 18th of February.

The following 9 acts competed tonight:

  1. Chase – «Dust in the wind»
  2. Dávid Henderson – «White shadows»
  3. Gina Kanizsa – «Fall like rain»
  4. Joci Pápai – «Origo»
  5. Gigi Radics – «See it through»
  6. Viki Singh- «Rain»
  7. Soulwave – «Kalandor»
  8. Spoon 21 – «Deák»
  9. The Couple – «Vége van»

A jury consisted of Zsédenyi Adrienn Zséda, Both Miklós, Frenreisz Károly and Molnár Ferenc Caramel (80%), and the audience (20%) picked the first acts that made it through to the next voting round. The last qualifier was decided by 100% public vote during the second round.

Here are tonight’s finalists:

  • Gina Kanizsa – «Fall like rain»
  • Joci Pápai – «Origo»
  • Gigi Radics – «See it through»
  • Soulwave – «Kalandor» (Secon Round Qualifier)

Don’t miss the second semi-final tomorrow at 19:30 CET.

What do you think of the first four finalists? Did your favorites make it? Let us know in the comments below!