First 4 qualifiers decided in Latvia

The premiere show of Supernova 2017 has just finished with the first set of semifinalists being selected by a professional jury panel and public vote. Moreover, music on-line platform Spotify has contributed to decide half of the public outcome through its data.

A total of 11 candidates competed at today’s heat:

From today’s competing acts, only 4 of them have gone through to the semi-final, set on February 19. As in previous years, two qualifiers were decided by a professional jury panel, while another two semifinalists were chosen by the audience. The professional jury for the first heat of Supernova 2017 was made up of Guntars Račs, Kaspars Roga, Dons and DJ Rudd.

You can find the qualifiers below:

Jury panel qualifiers:

Lauris Valters – Magic Years

Linda Leen – Who Is In Charge

Public vote qualifiers (SMS + Spotify data):

Franco Franco – Up

Miks Dukurs – Spiritual Priest

This year it will be the very first time Spotify data will help to select a Eurovision entrant as half of the public outcome of each show will be decided according to the number of plays registered on the on-line music platform.

What do you think about tonight’s qualifiers? Let us know in comments!

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